Chloe Dowsett


Chloe Dowsett is a 2013 Fine Art graduate working within her studio in Eartham, West Sussex. S

Holding strength in primary mark making and drawing, Chloe is an advocate for the initial gesture and chance found within process in its widest sense. Drawing becomes the forefront of investigation. Drawing with paint, print or sculpture she often uses obtainable sustainable local sources that add to the biographical aspect of her work.

She celebrates the notion that documentation of the current changing social, economic and environmental surroundings can only be shown within a chance led process. A process of collection, exploration and documentation that has to be stumbled upon.

Chloe’s practise lends itself to the Fluxus movement and the notion of a beginning or catalyst informing an outcome out of her/your control. She will find a shape, colour or artefact that directly informs her current state or location. This could be a building, a sunset, pattern of behaviour, digital conflict, natural form or often a combination of the natural and synthetic. This body of work will sit alone as a fossil or come together to be shown as a collective study.

This natural to manmade crossover has been a constant research point for Chloe directly referencing her environmental interests. Chance can also crossover into labour and the notion of a man-made-movement including mark making or a natural progressive movement such as growth or change over time.

This ‘time’ element was event in her show ‘Studio Review’ at Northampton Contemporary gallery alongside fellow artist Steven mills in 2013. Creating an online environment, they use physical processes in the gallery space to play with the idea of online identity in the art world. This show in then went on to have three more site specific shows. This work became pivotal in her artistic practise.

The Fluxus way of thinking is to create a manifesto to follow, to explore and create in a non-fictional sense to harness something true and documentative of the current