Dolly b. 1971

Dolly’s practice is varied, which can be observed as multi-linguistic. The artists' subject matter includes text and aphorisms to mixed media, purchased objects,, conceptual, painting and screen prints, to creating miniature dolls house scenes. The artist rarely uses canvas, his preferred medium is Perspex. Dolly uses various modern technologies to create his work including laser cutters for intricate details.  The artist’s work represents the 'here and now,' covering social, political and environmental issues. Dolly's observations can be childlike, quirky and satirical at first glance; a deeper meaning is provoked by signifiers and symbols that reveal a serious undertone to his work. The artist deeply believes art should be accessible for the spectator.  

Dolly frequently changes his creative language when a substantial body of work has been completed. The artist’s work has a unique and distinctive artistic language.  Dolly self-studied the history of art and was a practising artist for ten years before embarking on an art degree.   

‘Art school said my style was 'Pop Art-esque'. 'I prefer the term ‘Bubble Art’ as society is living in a virtual bubble.  


                                                                        ‘Reality is being erased at a pace equivalent to that of climate change'


  • 2019 CAPUG exhibition, Contemporary Art Pop-Up Gallery, Coastguard Studio, Southsea   
  • 2019 Organised and participated in the 'Looking for Work' exhibition, Chichester   
  • 2019 Founded CAPUG: an innovative platform for emerging artists  
  • 2019 Group exhibition, Southsea Gallery   
  • 2016 Solo exhibition, Coastguard Studio, Southsea  
  • 2015 Solo exhibition, Clerkenwell Gallery, London   
  • 2014 Al fresco solo exhibition, Bermondsey, south London