Ingrida D     b. 1999

I take inspiration from my surroundings. From every day objects to the famous faces you see on television. I like to mix reality with my imagination and that is how I come up with most of my drawing ideas.  For my art there is no limit, no boundaries. I do commissions from painting or drawing portraits, painting frescoes or drawing tattoo designs. 

As an artist, I started my journey at the age of seventeen, when I started taking art classes.  I took them for two years and during that time I had an opportunity to be a part of a group project called, 'Music City' in Lithuania, that was organised by Klaipeda's mayor. In the same year, I had another group project, 'Humans in Time' were I painted a fresco again as part of a group. After some time I moved to England and started studying Fine Art (BA) in University of Chichester. 


  • 2019 CAPUG exhibition, Contemporary Art Pop-Up Gallery, Coastguard Studio, Southsea
  • 2019 CAPUG 'Looking for Work' exhibition, Contemporary Art Pop-Up Gallery, Chichester