Leanne Yore  b. 1998



Over a lifetime, a body experiences many stresses and changes which manifest as scars and other imperfections which Leanne wishes to represent in her sculptures. Leanne wants the work to communicate a sense of the inside of the body and the potential beauty in the scarring, creating a sense of ambiguity as the different shapes within the tights can signify both the external imperfections and internal diseased body parts. Using tights as the basis for this work creates an immediate connection with the body as tights are an everyday item of clothing which can be worn by all. She wants the viewer to feel immersed and potentially engulfed by the over life-size textiles sculptures in front of them, creating a desire to move closer to see all the sculpture’s details and layers, which have been produced by folding tights onto themselves. It is also hoped that the sculptures convey a sense of abjection- repulsive and beautiful at the same time, produced by the use of detailed embroidery to signify hair, scars and infections. The use of red embroidery signifies the initial stages of scarring which contrasts with the embroidery made from white, brown or black thread which signifies hairs and imperfections.


- 2019 Orbit UK Art Graduates Show, OXO Bargehouse, London

- 2019 ‘Semi-Skimmed’ exhibition, University of Chichester

- 2019 BA (Hons) Degree Show, University of Chichester

- 2018 ‘Half-Way’ exhibition, University of Chichester

- 2017 ‘Abrasions’ exhibition, Otter Gallery, University of Chichester