Le Roi Des Nuls     b. 1980

Le Roi Des Nuls attempts to live and work in the present moment. He tries not to concern himself with what has gone and what may be around the corner. He has explored many ways of working including: painting, drawings, sculpture, film, projection, screen printing and digital work.

The Le Roi Des Nuls or 'The King of Nought' comes from the artists struggle with the highs and lows of Bipolar disorder, the King element represents the manic highs and nought or nothing being the depressing lows. To be the King of nought is to be balanced and live in the moment as if you are nothing you are still a King and if you are a king you are the King of nothing, the title is meaningless and cannot be taken away as it is just nothing, devoid of meaning or worth.

Screen printing and digital drawing and a combination of the two make up the majority of his practice. Both ways of making allow for quick production of work. He feels most free when engaged in the process of screen printing and the margin of error is vast. Mishaps are a regular occurrence which fuel his exploration of the process. Nothing is guaranteed, he relinquishes control and allows the work to happen. The end result could be a failure or a success in the eyes of the viewer but it is the doing at the time which drives him.

In his larger paintings he works quickly using the image of the rodeo bull to draw the viewers eye but the background is of greater significance with gestured lines used to illustrate emotion and feeling.


  • 2019 CAPUG exhibition, Contemporary Art Pop-Up Gallery, Coastguard Studio, Southsea
  • 2019 CAPUG 'Looking for Work' exhibition, Contemporary Art Pop-Up Gallery, Chichester