Paul Bellingham


Paul Bellingham has been painting since 1994 and drawing since 1967. His recent works are what he refers to as his Jazz paintings. Created whilst listening to a diverse range of old and modern Jazz music. The work is done fairly rapidly and spontaneously in relationship and influence of the music. He paints and draws almost every day for several hours, hence the large body of recent work.

At times he feels that he is somehow transferring the sounds heard into a visual language and experience.

Early on in the painting process there is often a discomfort, a mix of joy and pain, 'poy' as he refers to it. Usually after an hour or so of this 'poy' he then enters into a more harmonious state and often feels a sense of oneness or wholeness with the work and the music. Barriers and divisions give way to a harmony of sound, vision and painter.

There is an obvious passion for colour and form. A love for dynamic interplays of abstraction and expressionistic codes and ideas.

Paul lives and works in Brighton, is self taught but is also now following a more academic route and is half way through a part-time B.A. degree at Chichester University where he has so far had great success in his work