Tigerfox     b.


I am an environmental landscape artist, who repeatedly investigates small areas of land as a catalyst for developing my work, discovering something new every time. I am searching for the sublime within an ordinary everyday moment. I walk, taking time; I observe and record my surroundings. I am creating space to feel the awe and wonder that the expanse of land, sea and sky stirs in me. I permit time to slow and let the ordinary become extraordinary; I find moments of transcendence and connection. I realise my insignificance in the vastness of nature, whilst recognising that I am a part of something larger than myself. 

I watch and record changing environments in an improvisational and collaborative way, using modern and Romantic working methods. These include; experimentation with the drawn line and mark-making, ‘en plein air’ sketching and photography to achieve total immersion and a greater synergy with my world. I contemplate and research the contemporary sublime and question how I might illustrate and record its changing appearance. This liberates a growing understanding of the genre of landscape art, as elements within the environment are harnessed to produce idiosyncratic marks, through which Nature offers a voice. 


  • 2019 CAPUG exhibition, Contemporary Art Pop-Up Gallery, Coastguard Studio, Southsea
  • 2019 Priory Park 100, Live drawing installation
  • 2018 Paralax Art Fair Chelsea London
  • 2017 West Dean Arts & Craft Festival, Live instillation / Nature’s Voice, Reading University / Graduate Exhibition, Oxmarket Chichester
  • 2016 Arts and Crafts Experience. St John’s Church Chichester / The Answer to the Question is 42, University of Chichester / reWired, Chichester County Council, Guildhall, Priory Park / Art in the Aisles, Birdham Church / Sintitulus, The Otter Gallery, University Chichester
  • 2015 Haptic Curves, Nineveh Art Gallery / System Overload (Instillation's) Nineveh Art Gallery / Arts and Crafts Experience, St John’s Church Chichester / Emsworth Artists group exhibition / stArt, Oxmarket Chichester
  • 2014 Arts and Crafts Experience, Chichester Leisure Centre / Stride Open Competition, Oxmarket Chichester / 50 Pieces of Gold, Chichester Harbour Conservancy / Emsworth Artists group exhibition. Emsworth Community Centre / Deep Blue Sea Open Competition, Littlehampton Museum / BA Fine Art Degree Show, University Chichester / Open Photographic Exhibition, The Spring Havant